Tokyo Institute of Technology
Reactive Gas Dynamics Laboratory

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Research activities

We are trying to reveal underlying physics of turbulence and turbulent combustion by using cutting-edge measurement techniques and high-performance computation.

Turbulent skin friction drag reduction technique

Experimental apparatus

Direct numerical simulations of turbulent reacting flows

Direct numerical simulations of non-reacting turbulent flows

Laser measurements of turbulent fields

Computational facilities



Faculty & Post-doc: 4, Secretary: 1, Students: 22 (Doctral: 5, Masters: 11, Undergrads: 4, Research students: 2)
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Basmil Yenerdag (P)
Naoko Kawamura (S)
Katsuhiro Hiraoka (D)
Kozo Aoki (D)
Yuji Harada (D)
Kosuke Osawa (D)
JoonHwi Park (D)

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Address:Rm209, I1, 2-12-1 Ookayama, Meguro, Tokyo, Japan